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Canadian Dollar to Egyptian Pound in NBK

Live exchange rate for Canadian Dollar to Egyptian Pound in National Bank of Kuwait, today, Sunday, 23-06-2024 05:09.

Buy 34.758

Sell 34.591

Change 0

Last Price Yesterday = 34.758 Egyptian Pound

NBK Currency Converter


1 CAD = 34.7576 EGP

Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar is the official currency of Canada. It is denoted by the symbol "CAD" and is widely used throughout the country for various transactions. The Canadian Dollar is known for its stability and is recognized as one of the major currencies in the global financial market. It is widely accepted in international trade and is often used as a reserve currency by central banks.

Egyptian Pound

The Egyptian Pound is the official currency of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is denoted by the currency code EGP. The Egyptian Pound is further divided into smaller units called piasters or qirsh, with 100 piasters equaling 1 EGP. The currency is issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Egypt.

Canadian Dollar rates in all Banks

Bank Buy Sell
Black Market Market 45.8 45.33
Central Central 34.754 34.649
National Bank Of Egypt National Bank Of Egypt 34.783 34.657
Banque Misr Banque Misr 34.783 34.657
Banque Du Caire Banque Du Caire 34.925 34.796
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Abu Dhabi Bank 34.889 34.732
Bank of Alexandria Alex Bank 34.823 34.128
Credit Agricole Agricole Bank 34.823 34.664
QNB Bank QNB 34.801 34.635
Egyptian Gulf Bank Egyptian Gulf Bank 34.831 34.649
Arab Investment Bank Arab Investment Bank 34.823 34.262


1 CAD 34.76 EGP
5 CAD 173.79 EGP
10 CAD 347.58 EGP
25 CAD 868.94 EGP
50 CAD 1,737.88 EGP
100 CAD 3,475.76 EGP
150 CAD 5,213.64 EGP
200 CAD 6,951.52 EGP
250 CAD 8,689.4 EGP
300 CAD 10,427.28 EGP
500 CAD 17,378.8 EGP
700 CAD 24,330.32 EGP
1000 CAD 34,757.6 EGP