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Gold Ounce price in Egyptian Pound

Live update for Gold Ounce price in Egypt, today, Saturday, 20-07-2024 15:58

Buy 116,228

Sell 115,513

Change -350

Last Price Yesterday = 116,578 Egyptian Pound

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Gold Ounce

The gold ounce is the unit used in pricing and is usually made of 24 karat pure gold. It weighs 31.1 grams of pure gold. It is also known as the gold troy ounce and is the official standard.

Egyptian Pound

The Egyptian Pound is the official currency of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is denoted by the currency code EGP. The Egyptian Pound is further divided into smaller units called piasters or qirsh, with 100 piasters equaling 1 EGP. The currency is issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Egypt.

Gold Ounce price in Egypt

Gold Ounce Buy Sell
1 Gold Ounce 116,228 115,513
2 Gold Ounce 232,456 231,026
3 Gold Ounce 348,684 346,539
4 Gold Ounce 464,912 462,052
5 Gold Ounce 581,140 577,565
12 Gold Ounce 1,394,736 1,386,156
10 Gold Ounce 1,162,280 1,155,130
25 Gold Ounce 2,905,700 2,887,825